About us

A number of years ago Tony, Co-Founder of Venom Research was looking to become a hobby beekeeper. In conversations with local beekeepers who knew Tony worked in product manufacturing. He was asked if he could make a cheaper vaporiser, than what was being made at the time as DIY "garage projects". And that were based on diesel engine glow plugs. Tony looked into it, and said - No, I can't make it cheaper, but I can make them better, which he did - hence the "Venom Pro" was born". 

The Venom Pro was significantly more efficient than any of the units available at the time. And could do many more vaporisation cycles per charged battery. The unit was also faster to heat up, and faster to complete a cycle overall. See Venom Pro in action:

However the Venom Pro still required the use of 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries that are both clunky, heavy and not very power dense. And he definitely knew he could do better. Venom Research was formed out of an investigation into how these vaporisers could be further improved upon. 

Ben came on board in September 2020 to continue the research and development on what is now known as the Venom MicroPro. This device is truly the worlds lightest vaporiser weighing only 150 grams! And utilizes a completely custom Lithium-Ion battery pack, designed from the ground up for the Venom MicroPro. 

Our unique battery pack was designed with size and weight in mind. Measuring only 40 by 40mm and 100mm long. This battery pack fits in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket. And weighs only 280 grams. 

For comparison generic 12V 150W vaporisers weigh between 340 & 400 grams on their own without a battery! And when you include the required lead acid batteries it adds up very quickly.

A 7Ah Lead Acid SLA weighs 2.2kg, and typically does 5-8 cycles based on 50% depth of discharge. The Venom MicroPro as a complete kit in the field weighs less than 480 grams, and does up to 20+ cycles per charged battery. This is a game changer for beekeepers! And we look forward to seeing everyones success with it out in the field.