Venom MicroPro FAQ

How much does the Venom MicroPro kit weigh out in the field?

  • 48Wh Battery pack (280 grams)
  • Power cable (50 grams)
  • MicroPro unit (150 grams)
  • Total: 480 grams. 

For comparison, generic 12V 150W vaporisers weigh around 350 grams on their own! And when you include the required lead acid batteries it adds up very quickly. Other vaporisers range from 1.2-2.3kg, for one powered with 18V power tool Batteries. Or even more for 110/240v units, that require generators operate in the field. 

How long does each cycle take? 

Generally at 1 minute, the powder will have sublimed into vapour, and spread throughout the box. If the MicroPro is left in the box it will automatically turn off the element after the allocated time has passed. When the cycle is complete simply remove the MicroPro from the box after hearing it beep. If used again quickly on another box for speed and efficiency, the cycle time will be less as the tray will already be hot. Generally this will be one minute, but monitoring your own cycle time will give you a better indication of the average vaporisation cycle time.

How long does the MicroPro battery take to charge?

Battery charge time is a maximum of 3 hours for the standard size battery pack (48Wh). Light is red when charging and green when fully charged. If you plan on charging your batteries on the go, we suggest that people buy an inverter that can supply a minimum of 500 Watts on the output. This should be sufficient in most applications but do your own research prior to purchasing. 

How many cycles can be completed per charge? 

With a fully charged 48Wh battery, you can achieve up to 12 cycles of 2 grams each. Or up to 20+ cycles with 1 gram. Our battery packs utilise high-capacity, high-discharge lithium cells, specifically designed around optimising size and weight. Surpassing every other battery solution, other vaporisers have used to date. If you need to do more vaporisations per outing, extra battery packs can be purchased here

For comparison a typical 7Ah SLA (sealed lead acid), weighs 2.2kg. And will do approximately 5-8 cycles when used in conjunction with a generic 150 Watt, 12 volt vaporiser. With each cycle using around 415mAh per two minute cycle. This is based on the fact you should never discharge a typical lead acid battery below half charge. Else you risk permanently damaging the battery due to excessive Sulfation. And a 18Ah SLA that weighs 5.3kg's, will do between 20-24 two minute cycles, before needing a recharge also. 

What size opening does the Venom MicroPro require? 

The MicroPro requires an opening of at least 8mm high and 45mm wide. Well within most hive openings throughout the world for wooden based, bases. And for people who use V2 Hive Doctor bases we also sell a shim to keep the hot metal away from the plastic. 

My MicroPro Shim is loose on my MicroPro, what do I do? 

If you shim is loose, you can easily tighten it up using a pair of pliers. The bolts used, have knurled heads to allow for this. To do this, install the MicroPro into the shim, and rotate the arms onto the MicroPro. Then tighten the two bolts to allow for a firm grip to be created. But not so tight as to deform the MicroPro's case, or mean that the arms can't be rotated off the MicroPro. And the shim be removed! See this video about how to install your MicroPro into your shim. 

How do I clean the tray on the Venom MicroPro? 

When the tray is cooled down, you can clean it with moist tissue (not wet), and mild soap if required. If you notice your tray has become black, this is likely because some wax or honey has fallen into the tray. It is also normal to see some white/black or brown powder re-condensed around the tray edge. Don’t use anything sharp to clean / scratch away at the tray. This will damage the coating on it. Also do not bang the MicroPro to knock it off re-condensed powder, or use the MicroPro as a lever, as this will damage it. 

How many grams of powder can the MicroPro vaporise at a time? 

A maximum of 2 grams. See our Linktree for a list of useful resources from other people, about how much they use. And for the latest research on Integrated Project Management, see this Linktree

Is the Venom MicroPro waterproof? 

No it is not. Do not immerse the MicroPro in water/liquids to cool it down quickly after a cycle. The MicroPro and Battery are IP51 rated. And immersion in water will void your warranty. The MicroPro incorporates moisture sensing technology, to detect any water ingress into the device. 

Can the Venom MicroPro be used with other battery packs? 

To maintain the validity of the warranty you must only use genuine battery packs and approved power supply hardware from Venom Research. Use of third-party battery packs, mains adapters, and other power sources will void your warranty and irreversibility damage your MicroPro. 

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