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Venom MicroPro Introductory price

Venom MicroPro Introductory price

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Limited availability, special Introductory price of only $599 NZD plus shipping, for the first batch of units sold in NZ! These will be snapped up very quickly. 

Introducing the Venom MicroPro, the world's first and only ultra portable oxalic acid vaporiser. Weighing in at less than 500 grams, including its lithium-Ion battery pack and power cable. 

Featuring a bright white OLED screen for monitoring temperature, voltage, and cycle time, the MicroPro is a absolute game changer for beekeepers. With its fully custom heating solution, it delivers extraordinary efficiency and sets a new standard in beekeeping.

No more moving generators or heavy power tool batteries around. A single press of the button is all that's required to start the vaporisation cycle. Battery charge time is a maximum of 3 hours for the standard size battery pack (48Wh). Weighing only 280 grams! 

The Venom MicroPro doesn't require any time to heat up before it can be used. Simply put a scoop of powder on the tray, and put the unit into the Beehive. Press and hold the button to start the cycle and then walk away from the Beehive.

The MicroPro will then automatically determine the vaporisation time needed. And once the cycle is complete. The unit will make an audible alert, then unit will then cool down. If the unit is used again quickly on another beehive for speed and efficiency, the cycle time will be less as the tray will already be hot. In most cases this is only 60 seconds per vaporisation. 

The MicroPro requires an opening of at least 8mm high and 45mm wide. This is well within most hive openings throughout the world. And for people who use V2 Hive Doctor bases we also sell a shim to keep the hot metal away from the plastic. This works with DBV2ER bases only (With the bar entrance removed). Check out the Venom MicroPro in action here

Finer details:

- OLED screen flip. The MicroPro supports left hand use. And the screen rotation can be easily switched on the device by the user anytime.

- No need to buy heavy & clunky power tool batteries. Our VR3P Lithium-Ion Battery pack weighs only 280 grams. Compared to 680 grams for a 18V power tool battery. Our battery pack easily fits the palm of your hand or your pocket. And is ultra compact for those treks to those backcountry Beehives. 

- Without a preheating requirement, the MicroPro can complete up to 12 vaporisation cycles of 2 grams each. Or up to 20 cycles if 1 gram is used, per 1.5 Ah. (One fully charged 48Wh Battery).

The MicroPro doesn't heat Oxalic acid in a closed chamber, and then blast it into a Beehive at high pressure. As doing this kills Bees! And anything closer than around 100mm in front of the nozzle will be covered in redeposited Oxalic acid. This leads to wastage and isn't ideal. The MicroPro also doesn't require holes to be drilled into the Beehive compared to some vaporisers on the market. This saves time. And keeps your boxes intact also. 

- With no constricted nozzle there is no need for frequent cleaning with water while hot. And this completely removes the risk of having superheated steam shot into your face. As seen with some vaporisers when there is a blockage in the nozzle. 

- With the MicroPro you can skip the need to buy and use bulky ammo tins when transporting your vaporiser after using it. The MicroPro is designed to only heat the tray and is very efficient in doing so. The MicroPro also fully cools down in only a few minutes. And then can be easily stored with or without the cable attached to it. 

Important Safety Notice: Handling Oxalic Acid: Oxalic acid is a natural substance found in many plants and is commonly used for various purposes. However, it is crucial to handle Oxalic Acid with utmost care due to its acidic properties.

1. Protective Gear: Always wear appropriate protective equipment, including a full face mask with organic vapour cartridges or similar. Ideally also with an external particulate filter, and chemical-resistant gloves such at Nitrile. 
2. Avoid Inhalation: Oxalic acid vapours can cause serious lung damage even in small quantities. Take extra caution to prevent inhalation during handling and treatment. Always work in a well-ventilated area to minimise the concentration of vapours in the air. And block up the box if necessary if windy.  
3. Avoid Skin Contact: Oxalic acid can be absorbed through the skin. Ensure you are wearing proper chemical-resistant gloves to protect against skin exposure. 

Remember, safety is paramount. Take these precautions seriously to protect yourself and those around you during Oxalic Acid handling and vaporisations.

Lead time & Returns

Lead time: Currently we have a lead time of 3-5 business days once payment has cleared.

Returns: We are unable to accept returns for "change of mind" after purchase.


For customers in the USA: Oxalic Acid has been approved as a Varroa Control Product. Please see this link for more information from the EPAs decision.

For customers in the UK: Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid has been approved as a Varroa Control Product. Please see this link for more information from the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

For customers in NZ: Oxalic Acid has yet to be approved under New Zealand ACVM registrations as a Varroa Control Product. Venom Research offers no warranties or guarantees as to efficacy if Oxalic Acid is used as a Varroa Control Treatment. On the Venom MicroPro Vaporiser.

The documentation hosted on this website details the use of the Venom MicroPro only

Not about the compounds and their dosage/usage in the field. For which the university research and truth speaks volumes.

For the latest research check out:


The Standard Warranty for the Venom MicroPro RTG kit is 12 months or 500 cycles, whichever comes first.

If looked after, this tool has been designed for many years of trouble free use.

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